A Brief History

MCSi is an Oregon company that was founded in 1999 by two entrepreneurs. Cofounder Gueipin Xi took over sole ownership after the other cofounder withdrew his interest in late 2000 to pursue another business venture. The purpose of the company is to provide IT support for local and out-of-state clients in the health care industry. Our focus is on small to medium-sized medical clinics with various specialties. In today's economy, a computerized billing system is the cornerstone of any medical clinic. We provide medical billing and scheduling, system sales, installation, support and customization. We also provide custom programming and other billing related systems such as EMC, EMR, HL7 interface, Appointment Reminder, custom reporting, and other custom interface programs. Our goal is to provide comprehensive services for our clients. Over the last decade, we have assisted over 300 clinics with approximately 1,000 providers in Oregon and Washington, as well as other states.

Medisoft Billing and Scheduling Programs Reseller

MCSi became a certified Medisoft reseller in early 2000. At the time, Medisoft had just introduced its ADS-based client/server platform. Gueipin had been involved with in-house software development of billing and scheduling systems while he was working with his previous employer, and was fluent in the ADS database management system. His knowledge and expertise in database design and implementation were vital in the successful completion of development projects at his previous employer.

At the time, the client/server billing/scheduling systems were poorly implemented at many client sites; the main reason being lack of understanding and improper hardware installation and network setup. We stepped in and resolved the problems that put our clients back on solid ground.

Successful implementation of any computerized billing and scheduling system largely depends on the quality of the software package, the knowledge and skills of the user, and the support that binds all of these elements together. We have provided various add-ons and customizations so that the users can work more efficiently.

Custom Programming

Patient statements in Medisoft had been the weakest link. We listened to the needs of many clinic office managers to create various custom patient statement programs for them to use. Our statements reduce the complexity and bring more payments to the clinics and fewer patient phone calls with questions. Because we know the Medisoft database inside and out and are proficient with our programming tools, we can generate custom reports to meet their requirements. In addition, we have completed many special interface projects such as Transaction Batch Posting, Cash Receipts Batch Posting, and Patient Encounter Management programs.

Computer Hardware Installation and Support

With computer systems getting more complex and versatile, the demand for high quality and cost-effective support becomes increasingly more critical for our clients. We provide computer networking services and build our client's network from scratch. We sell and service computer hardware and software, as well as provide on-going system support and maintenance. We currently have about 40 clients on annual support contracts.

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